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Multi Family Developers in North America Need to Catch the Green Wave

Builders of residential buildings have some work to do to be more sustainable and catch up with other building types. A panel at the Ontario Association of Architects' annual conference this week pointed toward this sector as the one that has the most work to do to reach an acceptable level of sustainability. There's a perception that these developers are there until the buildings are turned over to buyers and then they're gone.

In a conference session called "The Value of Zero: Investing in Carbon-free Design" sponsored by Brampton Brick, panelists discussed broad sustainability topics related to achieving the low carbon future that architects are advocating for. Panelists included Jamie Gray-Donald, Senior Vice President, at QuadReal, Tom Rand, an author, venture capitalist, and climate expert, Lisa King, City of Toronto Policy Planner; and Joanne McCallum, architect and principal at mcCallumSather.

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