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Wow is it December already? This year has been really busy and hasn’t left much time for the blog. A quick look at the stats shows that people are still visiting though, so I’m glad you’re still finding the content worth showing up for!

Since it’s been six months since my last post, here are some things that have been going on:

  • The Capital Illumination Plan is done. Find a link to the completed oeuvre here.
  • Artsfile did an article about the Plan.
  • My employer, the NCC, published a blog post about it here.
  • I bought a house in a Campeau development from the ’60’s this summer and I’m really happy with it.

Andrews University Master Plan Wins AIA Michigan Award

The 2013 Masterplan and Guidelines for Andrews University recently won a Student Award from the Michigan AIA, no mean feat in a state the boasts some excellent architectural schools.

The editor of this blog, Christopher Hoyt, was honored by an invitation last fall to return to Andrews University to consult on the ongoing Campus Master Plan design effort. He and seven other alumni travelled to campus for multi day workshops with the design studio which consists of the Class of 2013 Master of Architecture students led by Andrew Von Maur, Paula Dronen, and Troy Homenchuk.

The stated goal of the project is a Plan for the next generation of Seventh Day Adventist Education and the team of faculty and graduate students tasked with this work are clearly delivering a product that goes a long way toward addressing that goal.

Sustainability is addressed in that the Plan is focussed on promotion of healthy lifestyle, an Adventist founding principle, and in recommendations for selection of durable and low embodied energy materials. Interior environments with access to light and air, creation of a walking oriented campus, and use of low v.o.c. materials are recommended.


AU Focus Magazine

Vancouver To Build Greenest Office Tower

Having set out their intention of becoming the world’s greenest city by 2020, Vancouver is finding support from the international development community.

In announcing what will be one if Canada’s tallest sustainable office buildings, Herbert Maier, Credit Suisse’s director of real asset management says; “We believe in Vancouver’s economy and its future … We believe in supporting the City’s plan to become the world’s greenest city by 2020.”

In a 2011 article in iPolitics, editor Christopher Hoyt together with Andre Albinati, principal at Earnscliffe pointed to Vancouver’s sustainability goals as positioning it to lead North America.

Vancouver’s New Sustainable Tower

Vancouver 2020

SEE-CHANGE: Vanvouver Positioned To Lead