Back To Blogging After a Six Month Hiatus at

Wow is it December already? This year has been really busy and hasn’t left much time for the blog. A quick look at the stats shows that people are still visiting though, so I’m glad you’re still finding the content worth showing up for!

Since it’s been six months since my last post, here are some things that have been going on:

  • The Capital Illumination Plan is done. Find a link to the completed oeuvre here.
  • Artsfile did an article about the Plan.
  • My employer, the NCC, published a blog post about it here.
  • I bought a house in a Campeau development from the ’60’s this summer and I’m really happy with it.

Architects and Artists That Work With Light 

Light and art combine for great impact on public spaces in the hands of artists and architects. In the right hands, beauty and wonder are the results.

I had the honour of working with architect James Carpenter on a project in Washington DC when he had just completed design work on this project at World Trade Center. The most interesting feature of this installation is the way light interacts with passing pedestrians.

Photo by Andreas Keller.

A colleague shared this project in Montreal by artist Janet Echelman. Light is reflected by a net suspended in the air over a public space.

Photo from


Berlin’s Stunning Pool Proposal

Picture, if you will, a new 750 m long swimming facility in the river at the heart of Germany’s capital, Berlin, alongside its famous museum island, a UNESCO World heritage site. This project called Flussbad is a bold public space proposal, reminiscent of Rem Koolhaas’ Delirious New York that will greatly enhance the public realm in the German city.