RAIC Recognizes Innovative Green Buildings

Two buildings that raise the bar from a sustainability and design excellence point of view have been recognized by Canada’s national architecture organization, the RAIC, this year. www.see-change.net has been following each of them for different reasons. One is the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) at University of British Columbia, possibly North America’s greenest building. CIRS is an internationally recognized research institution dedicated to advancing green building. The other is the Wood Innovation Design Centre (WIDC) which is advancing wood construction to new heights. This building is the champion for wood as a highly sustainable building system. More information about these buildings and others who received innovation awards this year here.

Images from RAIC and Archdaily.


Mies Van Der Rohe Gas Station

Among this year’s Governor General’s Award winners, this reinterpretation of a Montreal gas station by Mies Van Der Rohe is a standout, both for its elegance and for the approach that jury members said would have left the original architect surprised and pleased.

Mies Gas Station

Award recipients