City Center DC Residences Unique Project in North America

Now that people are moving in to the residences at City Center, and the neighborhood is starting to come together, the feeling is that it was truly gratifying to be part of the project. From the urban design that focussed on heightened pedestrian connectivity, achieving LEED ND pre-certification partly by re opening Tenth Street to the apartments themselves where elegance and simplicity rule, this is a truly unique project in North America.

City Center Residences

City Center DC Hive of Activity

After a long wait, people are moving into the apartments and condos at City Center DC and a few stores are even now open, beginning to show what a LEED ND Gold neighborhood is like. This and a recent announcement about the next building, a Conrad hotel are generating buzz that Georgetown is now receiving some competition as DC’s main pedestrian oriented retail nexus.

One of the main urban design coups of the project and one that makes me most proud of my involvement as a project team architect is that 10th St is now re-opened, it having been closed for 30 some years.


Largest Net Zero Building in The US

While aesthetically this new office tower in Ja Jolla, California may be unremarkable its sustainability features do set it apart. According to developer Hines, the building’s three fuel cells powered by biogas from landfills and farms will supply enough energy to more than offset the building’s requirements. They claim that this will make it the largest net zero office building in the US.