Intention and Good Design as Drivers of Sustainable Change

Goals, and the more inspiring the better, paired with good design, can help companies that seek change to do more good instead of less bad.

This is part of the means by which the best companies achieve lofty sustainability goals. Further these companies use a statement of intention that places values first.

Stressing a good, such as ‘we will use and generate only renewable energy,’ is far more effective than the more commonly stated less bad; ‘we will reduce our use of fossil fuels.’

Guardian UK Article: William McDonough


Bridgepoint Opening: Good Health By Design

Bridgepoint Health is nearing completion, having received it’s first patients recently and the building is receiving accolades for its innovative approach to healthcare architecture.

Designed by a large team of architects (of which the editor of was a part) including HDR Architecture, Diamond and Schmitt, KPMB, and Stantec, the 10 storey, 462 bed new facility is challenging the way we think about buildings where health care occurs.

In a recent Toronto Star article Christopher Hume responds adeptly to a reader that suggests public funds spent on Bridgepoint were miss-used. The reader suggests that the main priorities of health care should be cleanliness and staff performance. As Hume is quick to point out, one of the salient design concepts at the new hospital is that design can be recruited to improve health care.

Christopher Hume: BPH Good Health By Design