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F10 House – Chicago, IL, USA

Details: 1,200 sf

In July 2000 the City of Chicago invited entries for a national competition to identify creative modification to their New Homes for Chicago program that incorporate innovative, energy efficient technologies and sustainable building practices.

The F10 House was one of five designs selected for construction as part of this competiton. It strives to reduce life-cycle environmental consequences by a factor of 10 compared to the average U.S. home built today, demonstrating that sustainable design can be affordable.

The modestly sized building features a green roof and its open plan enhances cross ventilation. Augmented by a whole-house fan, the solar chimney exhausts warm air during summer and pushes warm air down during winter. Materials such as the cement board cladding were selected for durability and low environmental impact.
Awards: 2005 Innovation in Housing Design from AIA Housing Committee; 2004 Top Ten Green Building from AIA Committee on the Environment; 2004 Distinguished Building Award from AIA Chicago; 2004 Sustainable Design Award from AIA Chicago; 2000 Finalist Green Homes For Chicago Competition.

EHDD Architecture

City Centre DC -Washington DC, USA

Details: A 10-acre, 2.5 million square foot development which received a Gold certification for LEED® Neighborhood Development.

The fabric of the streetscape and local climatic conditions are a driver for the planning of this development. Establishing a neighbourhood of generous new civic spaces, enlivened with a mix of condominiums, apartments, offices, public spaces, hotel, restaurants and shops was a focus of this project.

Foster + Partners

Shalom Baranes Associates

Glaciertek – Stockholm, Sweden

Competition Entry (2009 unbuilt project)

In an age of shrinking polar ice caps and alpine glaciers this proposal conceptually recreates part of a glacier that once covered the site. The new extension’s crystalline forms draw inspiration from the glacial ice that created the hill against which Gunnar Asplund’s library was built. The new project is then both ‘glaciar’ and ‘bibliotek’, thus ‘glaciartek’.

The proposal calls for the replacement of the existing Annex buildings with a new library extension. The new building reinforces the unique qualities of the existing Asplund library and restores some of the important topographical and cultural values of the larger site.

The primary volume of the new library extension is sited such that its north face completes and visually extends the east – west bias of the Odenplan. This triangular form is placed against the hill, revealing a greater portion of the west façade of Asplund’s building from Odenplan and metro

Project Team: Christopher Hoyt, AIA, OAA, Ann Maki, Dan Stuver, AIA, Lynn Stokes, Andrew Taylor, AIA

Bridgepoint Health – Toronto, ON, Canada

Details: 10.2 acre site, 680, 000 sf, completion in 2014

Bridgepoint Health is one of Canada’s leading centres for the complex chronic disease. The redevelopment project focusses on engagement with the community as much as creating an architecture for wellness.

The new 10-storey hospital includes independent living space for patients, ambulatory space for outpatient / community programming, unique attention to providing natural light in patient care areas and spectacular views of the city.

The hospital is registered under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.




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