Designing For A Changing Climate

Dr. Jeremy Gregory is the Executive Director of the Concrete Sustainability Hub at MIT. His presentation at the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada (RAIC) Festival of Architecture this week in Ottawa addressed some of the issues around designing more sustainability given what we now understand about risks to buildings in this changing climate.
The good news is that better tools are now being used to understand life cycle costs of buildings and to help designers make better decisions earlier in the process of making a building. Clients are asking for green buildings today, in a way they never did in the past. Better tools now exist do make green buildings that can withstand the types of events we’re now seeing more frequently.  The less good news of course is that our changing climate is bringing about a lot of new risks to buildings. I recommend checking out MIT’s Concrete Sustainability Hub and their online presence for more info on this, whether you’re a building owner, designer, or engineer.