Abstract: A Window Into Designers’ Thinking 

The future is being shaped by designers working with intention to change the way we look at the world. This is one of the central ideas behind a new series of documentaries about design that was released this February on Netflix. Produced by Scott Dadich, editor in chief at Wired, the series is called Abstract: The Art of Design.

I’ve been watching the series with my daughter, age twelve, and it’s really fun to see design thinking presented in this way, and to look at it through the eyes of someone so new to the subject.  

So far we’ve watched three episodes that feature designers Tinker Hatfield of Nike fame, Ralph Gilles who is global design lead for Fiat Chrysler, and Ilse Crawford interior designer. My daughter is an athlete and a big fan of running shoes in general so she loves seeing how Tinker works on a design for a new shoe. 

Personally I think I got the most out of seeing how Ilse Crawford creates spaces for all the senses. Her uniquely humanistic approach to creating interior spaces really resonates with me.