Thanks to you, readers, this blog has finally achieved the 10,000 views milestone. I really appreciate the interest and especially the fact that it seems a lot  of you return regularly. I started this blog in 2011. With only a few hundred views that first year, readership has been growing consistently since then. As recently as 2015, we’d only had 2,000 views, so readership is increasing on a nice trend. I started the blog as a way of talking about how the built environment impacts global warming and climate change; itseemed at the time to be a poorly understood issue. It quickly became about a vision for buildings and cities that contribute to, rather than harm the environment. Of course there is more to global warming than just the built environment, but it’s been known since 2009 that a large portion, as much  as third of global warming is related to buildings. 

The good news is that understanding of climate change has changed radically since 2011, the accord signed by 195 countries in Paris in 2015 represents real progress on the issue; setting out a plan to limit global warming to well under 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. It does however seem that the US will take a new position on this issue that is most likely going to do significant damage to the progress that’s been made. 

In terms of this blog, though, the most popular topics have been green building materials, especially cross laminated timber. I try to vary the subjects and write about a lot of things that interest me from architecture, urbanism, and sustainability to art and design. A recent post highlighting Morten Schmidt’s lecture here in the Canadian Capital has gotten a lot of a readership, both here and in his native Norway. 

Long story short, Im pretty pleased how much reach this blog is developing and how many readers seem to find and come back to this site. Please keep reading and commenting!